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My New Bag Crush

This bag is pretty amazing. I've been loyal to some other staples for a long time and although I am still pleased with my trusty sidekicks, the Bianca Alles bag offered some cool features that those other bags do not. 

There's just a special 'je ne sais quoi' about a deviation from the norm that feels fun, special, and promotes the desire of getting to know something new. This bag fulfills all of the above. I am still discovering new compartments and ways to use the infinite amount of space. Probably the best of all, the Bianca is an expert shapeshifter. It's part doctor's bag, part equipment tote, and part backpack (You'll remember my new found love of backpacks here). 

Alles bags were started by a mother-daughter team (yay- more lady bosses!) who were less than thrilled about ways to tote all of their stuff to and from photo shoots (the daughter is a model). Hence, they came up with a wide variety of bags, including camera bags, that are ideal for travel and can store a lot in a contained space that fits in your hand or on your back. 

Here are the 3 things I love best about this bag:

The Zip-Off Box
Clearly, the most distinct part of this bag, the Zip-Off box, is genius. I'm sure most people use it for shoes, but I am thinking about all the ways I can utilize this boxy area when traveling (I put my DSL camera in here will shooting this article). It's sturdy and holds the weight of the top portion of the bag well.  I'm even thinking about the ways I can have my daughter use it as a tray table play space so her Legos don't go flying all over the plane! It's also a convenient place to store the backpack straps.

Color combo choices

The Bianca, in particular, has some great color blocking choices. Additionally, when you attach the bottom, it looks like a whole new bag with the addition of more black. They offer 3 different versions of their backpack/ bag combs. Have a looksy here

A place for everything and everything in its place
I swear, every time I use my Bianca, I find a new zipper or pouch.  I'm a sucker for compartments and having everything tucked into a specific space so I can find stuff with just my hands. There are both pockets on the inside and outside and everything on the outside zips up for safety. This is going to bring peace of mind the next time I lay the bag down on the airport x-ray machine.  

Although Alles offered me a sweet little discount, the Bianca speaks for itself and lends to all of my own opinions that you have read here. I can't wait to try it out as a carry-on for a flight next month!

Top 4 Things to do at the 2017 L.A. County Fair

The Los Angeles County Fair has a long and rich history dating back to the 1920's when the fair found its home in the city of Pomona. What started as an agricultural exhibit all those years ago, has transformed into the biggest, most quintessential county fair on the West Coast. Year after year, the L.A. County Fair plays host to all of the fair standards like carnival rides & games, crazy food experiments, and a top notch concert series. Read on for my favorite attractions of 2017. 

The Real Deal with Psychologist Pay in California

I do a fair share of speaking with high school students about jobs in forensic psychology and I still find that many have the mindset that it is a well paying career, no matter what you end up doing in the field.  And why should they think any different? If you are a psychologist and go to 10 years of school, you are a doctor and doctors get compensated well, right? Not exactly and definitely not right away. 

Fortunately most students or early career psychologists with whom I speak are primarily motivated by the need to have an interesting, fulfilling career in which they can help others and make a difference in the world. But let's face it compensation is, and should be, important as well.  

Cali Corner: The Best Kids' Museum in LA

I wouldn't necessarily say that the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History is a kid's only museum or that you have to have a child with you to go, because I love this place. It was my favorite as a kid and remains one of the best museums in Los Angeles in my adult opinion. When I was in elementary school, my class went here for a field trip and somehow my mom didn't know about it until afterwards. I remember her being so crushed that she wasn't able to chaperone, so when my daughter's school field trip came up I felt like I was making up for this oversight 30 years later. It was an absolute blast to experience this wondrous place through my kiddo's eyes. 

Cali Corner: The Best Female Owned Boutiques in LA

This article was originally featured as part of a another great collaboration I did with Dazey LA, an art apparel & accessories company based here in Los Angeles.  Its creator is extremely talented lady boss who believes in supporting other female business owners. Give her site a looksy here. You'll find some great T-shirts, product collaborations, and the Dazey Zine, which features articles from other creatives, tutorials, and other inspirational goodness. 

If you've taken anything away from browsing the Dazey LA website, it's that Dazey ladies love to support each other in their creative passions and professional endeavors. Building a business is no small feat and even in a city as big as Los Angeles, women can make the time to support each other. So for this article, we sought out boutiques that we adore, that also happen to be owned by some badass lady bosses.  

Twin Peaks in Pictures

I totally get that this is going to be a niche blog post for some very special fans of a certain cult TV show. With the return of our beloved Twin Peaks after 25 long years and the 2017 Twin Peaks Festival happening in about a week, I thought it was time to take my readers to the area of North Bend, Washington in the Pacific Northwest in order to share some of my favorite images of the area where the show (old and new) and movie were filmed. I attended the Twin Peaks Festival in 2005 when it was just a few of us coffee & cherry pie loving nerds in a small, intimate setting. If you are attending this year, I am jealous for the excitement that it will carry unlike any year prior, since we are all watching the wonderful and strange world together again. 

Quick Post: Keeping fit this summer with Aaptiv

This summer I've been inspired by the Aaptiv fitness app. I have managed to use a variety of their workouts to get more activity in my days even during this crazy LA heat. Aaptiv has a clean, sleek interface and offers an abundance of workouts without feeling overwhelming. I usually end up giving up on fitness apps for one simple reason- the trainers drive me nuts! Somehow, I have not found one Aaptiv trainer that annoys me. There really is something for everyone on this app from meditation to training for a full marathon. Here are some of my favs:

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